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Our Educators all around the world are strained and stressed like never before

We see you and we honor your commitment and dedication to us all. To help reduce your stress and anxiety and boost your immune system, The Tapping Solution is providing Free Premium Access to our full library of Tapping Meditations to those responding to this pandemic.

What is Tapping?

A Tapping meditation combines the power of acupressure points and meditation, to help you reduce stress.

Tapping on 9 meridian points while spending a moment thinking about your stress, helps relax your body, letting your mind know that even with these thoughts, it is safe to relax. It’s the perfect technique for those who struggle with mindfulness meditation or those who love traditional meditation but want to add a powerful component with the Tapping.

Multiple research studies have shown that Tapping decreases cortisol (often called the stress hormone). After 260,000 plays of the “Releasing Anxiety” Tapping meditation, the average reported reduction of anxiety was 41% in just 9 minutes.

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Free Tapping App Meditations Available Now!

In the meantime, enjoy some of our free Tapping Meditations in the app, including a curated Coronavirus Stress and Anxiety collection that is free for everyone.

The Tapping Solution Science and Research

If you'd like to see more of the science and research behind EFT Tapping, see our research kit.

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